Register of notifications about transactions conducted with AS LHV Group securities by persons discharging managerial responsibilities in AS LHV Group on their own account, or by a person closely associated with them.

Rain GontmacherSale203.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale203.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale143.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale93.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale23.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale273.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale1003.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale303.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale2003.49 €22.11.2023
Rain GontmacherSale10003.49 €22.11.2023