Financial calendar

LHV discloses monthly and quarterly financial results at 8.00 a.m on the dates announced in the Financial calendar.

After disclosing the quarterly results, in the same morning at 9.00 a.m, LHV holds investor meetings (in Estonian) for preregistered investors and broadcasts the meetings live via Zoom.

09.08.2022July results
13.09.2022August results
18.10.2022Q3 interim results
15.11.2022October results
13.12.2022November results

Trading periods

Permitted trading periods for LHV executives and regular insiders, provided that they do not possess any additional undisclosed inside information.

Beginning (incl.)End (incl.)Period

*The trading blackout periods of LHV Group are divided into two. The monthly blackout periood begins on the 1st of each month. The quarterly blackout periood begins thirty (30) days before the publication of LHV Group's quarterly report. A thirty (30) day blackout periood also precedes the publication of the annual report. The blackout period ends on the day of publication of the financial results for a given month, or the publication of quarterly or annual report, if the disclosure takes place in the period starting from the end of the previous trading day to one hour before the beginning of the next trading day. Otherwise, the blackout period ends on the day following the publication of the financial results. Compared to the above, an exception applies in respect to the trading blackout period each February due to the disclosure of the annual report, which is confirmed by the Group’s Supervisory Board with approving the calendar of financial results. The exact dates of the trading blackout period are specified as a part of the calendar of financial results.

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