Name of securitySubordinated bond of LHV Group, 28 November 2028
Security shortnameLHVB060028A
Regulated marketNasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange, Baltic Bond List
Listing date03.12.2018
Additional listing date26.06.2019
Nominal value1000 euros
Total number of securities40,000
Issue volume40,000,000 euros
Interest paymentsquarterly
Interest rate6,0% yearly
ProspectusLHV base prospectus
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Updated summary of prospectus (ET)
Terms and conditions of subordinated bonds 
The final terms of the first offering and its appendix (ET)
The final terms of the second offering and its appendix (ET)


Name of securitySubordinated bond of LHV Group, 29 October 2025
Security shortnameLHVB065025A
Regulated marketNasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange, Baltic Bond List
Listing date02.11.2015
Nominal value1,000 euros
Number of securities15,000
Issue volume15,000,000 euros
Interest paymentsquarterly
Interest rate6,5% yearly
Correction to prospectus

Bail-in risk. If LHV would be subject to a recovery and resolution plan (in the event of insolvency and other difficulties), an amendment of the terms, reduction to zero or conversion into shares or other securities of the LHV subordinated bonds may result.


Name of securityAdditional Tier 1 notes of LHV Group
Registration date26.06.2019
Nominal value100,000 euros
Number of securities200
Issue volume20,000,000 euros
Interest paymentsquarterly
Interest rate8,0% yearly
DocumentsTerms and conditions
Risk factors description

Application for receiving interest payments in full amount

AS LHV Group will immediately withhold 20% income tax on AS LHV Group bonds interest payments. If you wish to buy securities via an investment account, please notify us. In this case, the interest on the LHV Group bonds will accrue to your investment account in full.