Social Responsibility

As an increasingly significant part of the Estonian financial sector, LHV’s activities affect the surrounding environment, both directly and indirectly. LHV is a responsible company, acknowledging its responsibility for a cleaner environment and a more sustainable economy. LHV acts and grows in a sustainable manner, contributing to the pursuit of solutions to both local and global problems.

We have made a long-term effort to ensure a responsible and transparent organisational governance, and have also taken a responsible approach to social matters. We are now focusing on environmental aspects. LHV’s management board has established an action plan for sustainable development and management of environmental impacts, taking steps towards reducing the carbon footprint. LHV has set its sights at a sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Taking into account the UN sustainable development goals, LHV Group has subscribed to the Principles for Responsible Banking, and is actively engaged in enhancing the sustainability of the company, its stakeholders and the financial sector in general.

Report on ESG / Social Responsibility